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Domestic Watch 2016 - Crime Prevention Meeting


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Last Wednesday



ER24 Training Centre

Manor 1, Cambridge Office Park, Cnr Stonehaven & Witkoppen Roads


 Our topic for January: “How you can Contribute towards a Better South Africa by passing on Information Anonymously”.  Whilst some detail on information will be covered there is a great deal more to this lesson. 

·         Remember I will ONLY teach any aspect of crime by making sure attendees are not put in danger and I will protect them by showing them how to protect themselves and employers to make sure they never become a victim by doing the right thing! 

·         Remember no one will ever know who gave the police and the security industry information that has resulted in catching and convicting the criminals when they learn this lesson.

·         Remember that the biggest problem the police have in their work is lack of information.

·         It’s simple…Are you suspicious about your neighbours, relatives or friends?  Do you suspect they are involved in crime?  This can be for a crime that has happened or is going to happen.  If you have any information about criminals – be they murderers, rapists, robbers, hijackers, burglars, drug dealers, gangsters, child abusers, fraudsters, smash and grabbers or petty criminals let the police or your security company know and the police will act. 

·         Nobody is safe from those that chose to do crime!

“LET’S BREAK THE SILENCE…LETS WORK TOGETHER TO STOP CRIME”.  Domestics and Gardeners DO know what is going on in our suburb!

JanuaryThose that attend in January will receive a FREE DVD of the yearend event in February.  Attending in Feb is too late, they need to attend for me to order and pay for these gifts.  A colour photograph of those that attended yearend (if I have the photograph amongst the 408 pictures taken) can also receive their Colour Picture in February @ a cost of R15.00.  I need to name those in the pictures.  With so many attending I get confused about some of the names and suburbs.  The pictures are BEAUTIFUL as is the DVD!


Thank you to all who support MAD (Making A Difference) Domestic Watch, in particular thank you very sincerely for allowing your employees to attend and forwarding my monthly emails to your mailing lists and encouraging more in your community to support MAD DW.  We will only win the CRIME WAR when multitudes of good people learn what to do and what not to do.  Employers: You will really enjoy attending, I promise!  I indeed pray for and wish all a kind and crime free 2016.